WWII strategie

A tactical board game played with ten sided dice 
17 september 1944.

The Germans are clearly outnumbered. The allied forces have gathered south of the Scheldt - Maas canal and have the opportunity to shorten the war, maybe up to six months. If they succeed to cut the German forces in half, they create a highway high up into Holland. In doing so the Allies will isolate a major part of the German Xth army, open the door to the Ruhr area and Antwerp will become a fully operational harbour. Montgomery is determined to finally put his well trained airborne troops in to action. All the important bridges have to be seized in one single blow.
On September the 17th, five thousand men will land nearby Arnhem. The very next day another five thousand paratroopers will arrive to assist them. They will capture the bridges and hold them for 3 days.
Do you accept the challenge?